Thursday, September 25, 2014

20 Things I learned before I'm actually 20

So, I week ago I became finally 20 (not really that of an exciting event) but of course as we age there are some things we discover whether it's about ourselves or random things around us and I can pretty much say that I'm glad I discovered those things through the years. 
I made a list of 20 things I've come to know before getting to the -2- on the left side age & voila!

  1. I became a person who gets irritated way faster than ever before
  2. Despite fact no.1 I've learned how to be patient (like really really REALLY patient) I follow the three c's rule "Cool, calm & collected" 
  3. I'm way stronger than I ever thought I'm and that makes me extremely ecstatic 
  4. People are not that bad but they kinda are (figure it out yourselves) 
  5. Shoving the truth in the face is the way to get things done 'trust me on this one' 
  6. Telling you to "shove your useless piece of crap opinion anywhere you'd like" is the ultimate way to end an irritating conversation
  7. Me & microbuses, mini buses, buses in general, metro & taxis made a truce and promised to bear each-other for what's left of years during college 
  8. I read ridiculous amount of books (well, to me they're a lot at least) the past couple of years and it's a HUGE thing for me so yay Reem *high fiving self*
  9. Some places in Cairo are not that bad for an afternoon walk (ah wallahe begad) 
  10. Writing is how I untangle this tumbleweed of complicated thoughts inside my brain 
  11. Each year I'm growing a bigger crush on Ramos and I don't think i can handle it anymore (if you don't know Ramos then you don't know me) 
  12. I've a good amount of hidden talents that just need the opportunity to unleash 
  13. I need to try harder to get what I want 
  14. I'm never satisfied WHAT-SO-EVER by anything i do and i don't know what to do about it (if anyone got an answer feel free to leave it) 
  15. Whether I get fatter or lose weight i'm still the same size *high fiving self awy ba2a* 
  16. Without my iPod I'd have never survived the past 2 years
  17. Taking life too seriously can & will cause you brain damage 
  18. Living alone for quite a time is a whole other experience you should have
  19. Was an incredibly nerve-racking year for me that I'm thankful I got through safe & sound, one piece as I am
  20. I hope this will be the start of a better chapter in my life that's hopefully fresher and brighter 

Being 20 is nothing to brag about tbh, I certainly don't feel older, I certainly don't look older and most certainly don't act older; with time comes realization and i always thought of my brain older than my age but know that I'm actually THAT age i do feel teenagery inside + nothing happens when you're 20, it's B O R I N G!
 They all say 21 is the magical age so amen to that ;) ;) 

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