Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Hairstyles *no heat*

Since it's summer *DUHH!* and people with hair like umm -US- I guess are the most to suffer from the unbearable heat, humidity and basically every other climate change in the universe so we tend to go for yet another extremely bad solution; BLOW DRYING! 

>So here I'm going to show you how to style your hair without using a blow dryer, an iron or even a brush
*for God sake just wash your hair, towel dry it and let me do my job!*


  Braids braids braids, it's what summer is all about; you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair,  put on whatever product you use and BAM!

Section your hair in whichever part you like, take a piece of hair from the front and braid it, while braiding keep adding another piece every time until you braid all your hair to the side 
and VOILA ;)  

(It's better if you have a slightly long wavy hair cuz you know what braids be like -.-)


  Updos & Summer fit each-other like chocolate chips & cookies!

Updos are probably the easiest thing you can do to your hair during summer and it gives your neck the privilege of being exposed to the sun :D
You can do this hairstyle basically with any hair length cuz bobby pins does all the job and in few minutes you'll be done

...Short Hair...

  Girls with short hair are THE LUCKIEST during summer cuz they genuinely don't exert any effort in styling their hair nor they really use THAT much product *unless they have really really really bad hair then I'm so sorry* 

- P U R R F K T -

And if you have a pixie cut or even a long side & a shaved side you won't probably even need to brush it ;)

...Long Hair...

  I feel you girl; I feel you. Your hair stick at the back of your neck from the sweat, brushing your hair burns calories as much as exercising at the gym and you most likely to sit on it after styling it BUT not anymore

Braids & Ponytails are the best combo; simple yet effective 

When everything goes wrong you know that buns are always there for you. They go day or night, hot or cold, humid or dry, messy or neat,top knot or bow style; anything will do

...Curl Pearl...

Curls & summer are in a love\hate relationship and it kills to deal with them during the season; they just either go perfect, nicely twirled and all or wild, untamed, frizzy like a bird's nest *Lorde kinda style*! 

well that's pretty! only if you can tolerate it in the heat. 


Curly heads look the best in ponytails ;)

 You're basically gonna let loose of your curls naturally cuz well, that's the only solution :D 
Rock'em curls guurrl *whips hair back & forth like willow does*

Either way, whatever hair type you got, short or long, curly, straight or wavy ditch the blow-dryer & iron and let loose of your natural, born this way hair ;)
Happy Summer xx