Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Way

It's not creepy if I sit next to you and stare at every act you do....

The way your eyes roam the place..
The way you lightly wet your lips..
The way your muscles flex..
The way you shift in your chair uncomfortably..
The way you blink rapidly..
The way your curled lashes touch your eyebrows..
They way you swirl the ring on your finger..
The way you gasp for air..
The way your jaw clenches.. 
The way you tug your hands in your hair furiously..
The way your sweater's sleeves are rolled up neatly..
The way your hazel-green orbs shines in dim light..
They way your pants fits you perfectly..
The way your fingers tap along with the music..
The way you smirk when your favorite part of the song plays..
The way you don't just look at things, you stare; fondly.. 
The way you yawn..
The way you sleep so quickly..
The way you hug the pillow like a little kid..
The way you spray your perfume..
The way you never wear matching socks..
The way you tie your shoes like a pro..
The way your nose crunches when you taste something for the 1st time..
The way your "Hello" on phone changes from one to another..

Just the way, your way; YOU!

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