Monday, May 19, 2014

Random Rhyming Words

This might hurt you but I’m not sorry

  This overload I don’t want to carry

It might sound rude but I don’t care

  Whatever you judge me, it’s just not fair

We were once friends, close friends

  And when it went wrong, we thought this is where the world      ends

We shared everything, laughs, cries, problems and joy

  But you made me feel like a toy

You let loose & let yourself be

  But never let me be the real me

I needed break, I needed you to understand

  And all I got from you was BLANK

For the first time I felt like myself

  You thought I’ve put you on the bottom shelf

For the first time I was doing the right thing

  I didn’t think I was messing

I had it all figured out

  Although it all made you feel left out

I didn’t need to talk to you

  I didn’t need you

I didn’t miss you

  I didn’t remember all what we’ve had and cry

I didn’t want to say goodbye

  I didn’t want you to try

But all I wanted from you is to be away

  To not stay

And not say

  A letter, a word, a sentence

I needed my distance

  To figure out my existence

To search for my long lost soul

  That’s been missing in this deep dark hole

I didn’t need you

  I didn’t miss you

I didn’t feel like there’s something missing

  I didn’t feel like I’m messing

I didn’t feel like talking to you

  I didn’t feel like missing you

Now I’ll stop pretending like I do

  It’s not me. It’s not you

It’s just what I think I should do

  And I feel so good, I feel so great, I really do

Like marshmallow and fondue

  Or coffee and tiramisu 

I didn’t need you

  I didn’t miss you

I didn’t want to talk to you

  I still do 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random Rhyming Words

I fall in-love with things not people

  People change, things are stable

I can own things, I can’t own people

  Things are strong, people are feeble

People are shallow, things are deep

  Things are precious, people are cheap

Things don’t judge, people do

  People hate, things stick by you

Things stay awake, people sleep

  But when things connect with people

You can only cry yourself to sleep