Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Coachella Babyyy!

It's Coachella babaaayyy!! As you all may know Coachella Festival is held from mid April till the end of the month and HOLY MOTHER OF UNICORNS & RAINBOWS it's the BEST music festival held in the US EVER! You get to listen to epic musicians, indulge in the liberating theme around and the most important thing is........the FASHION TREND. 

Coachella is all about being the messy boho hipster you've always wanted to be and NO ONE will ever judge you cuz YOLO you're all in the same boat; it's like a huge fashion show or a competition of who's the boho'st most hipster person around, and you definitely know who is. The queen of boho, the hipster-ism zen master, the flower crown lover, the one that almost looks effing gorgeous if she wore a freaking lace top & shredded denim shorts, the Coachella icon "Vanessa Stella Hudgens". 
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She is by far the MOST AMAZING boho icon; her style is so simple yet so fashionable, from hair to make up to clothes to nail polish to shoes basically everything about her fashion sense is incredible. As seen throughout the past and present Coachellas, she has set the bar high for the other girls and -boy-oh-boy it is hard to compete with Queen Ness. 

Her style is so easy to imitate or to be inspired from, you can easily find those things in stores and the makeup is the simplest to apply

   Here is the "Get the Ness look" 

Outfit #1

The maxi skirt is one of the main classic elements of the boho look and flowy, thin skirts are the perfect ones *that's a bonus if you don't like showing your legs ay -wink wink- ;)*  

Crop tops are the nowadays and with the skirt GURL! you're gonna rock that place. 

Sandals sandals sandals; the thing that completes the look & gives your toes the needed freedom after some kick-ass winter and lastly to show'em one hell'a nail-polished toes ;) 

Big Sunzzies to avoid the extreme damage the heat & sunlight could do to your eyes, a hat or a fedora to protect your hair also from the weather and it gives you the spring-summer complete boho look. 

Bright neon or bold nail polish to add some cheerful color to your outfit, fruit scented perfume\body mist for refreshment, and a sandy mono-tone eye & face makeup with a little twist of Iam-gonna-rock-this-shizzle lipstick and literally you're good to party. 

Outfit #2
High-waisted shorts with tribal\aztec print & thin comfy material are perfect for the festival. 

Again the crop top is on top of the trend & spicing it with some bold colorful chains, stacked silver vintage rings and bulky bracelets will make the outfit more vivid. 

Flat simple monochrome sandals & a fun small purse and you're good to go ; again the no-makeup-makeup-look is the father of all makeup looks, bright lips, bright nails  and natural cheeks *queue music* *raises hands in the air* GET LOOSE! 

This is as simple as it gets & you can easily be the other version of Vanessa H. if you followed those steps. 
Happy Coachella everyone, dance, laugh, enjoy and live your life 

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