Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Most Underrated Artists (Part 1)

-The 10 Most Series- 
10 Most Underrated artists 
(part 1)
-well said jimi babe. well said-

   There's is no one on this planet that doesn't love music!! like, you physically can't hate music!and if you don't, you're going to be forced to like whether you like it or not so YEAH. You listen to it on daily basis maybe not intentionally but you do; on the radio, on your mobile, your ringtone *if you're still one of those cool people whose their ringtone their favorite song*,your iPod, your TV, your laptop, people serenading in the hallways just EVERYWHERE. 

-Lets just take a moment and thank this dude who discovered\invented music for saving us all from misery- 

From the beginning of the music industry there have been a lot of kick-ass people like Beethoven, Bach, Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Robbie Williams, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and so many other kick-ass-ers but the list goes longer than it should but there's come a time where lots of artists demolished or some how became unappreciated or as we call it nowadays in our so hipster language "Sooo Underrated OMFG asdfghjkl and every other abbreviation". Different artists in different genres have had a very successful career *and still do* but somehow people have forgotten about them and turned to the more popular music and their fan base is slightly on the down hill, but not anymore TODAY I'm bringing sexy back *and if you didn't get this reference please talk to the hand* 

Here are my -10 Most Underrated Artists-

Craig David 

<<<<< This Hunk 

 Boy oh boy, how could this human being be so much underrated! it's brutal. Have you forgot this masterpiece of his you little greedy wild animals!!!! HUH!

So goddamn nostalgic  

The Script 

<<<<< This other Hunk 
-well, it's a band but Danny FTW-

The band that made these songs that broke millions & millions of teenager's hearts post-breakup with their boy\girlfriends 



-ughh, brings tears to my eyes-

The Fray

<< Le depressing people >>         
The one who made us all spend sleepless nights looking for 1st and Amistad AND we did find it!! *YES WE CAN* *Praise the lord*

and this brilliant cover of Kanye West's "Heartless"  
ughhh, so good!! 



<<<<<< This cutie pie 

Oh wow, so deep >>>>

<<< Is it getting hawut in here or wha?! *fans self aggressively*

Boyce Avenue 

God bless the genes going through this family >>>> 

Favorite cover
*sorry JT but i think i like this one more* 

                                           To be continued.....

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