Thursday, September 25, 2014

20 Things I learned before I'm actually 20

So, I week ago I became finally 20 (not really that of an exciting event) but of course as we age there are some things we discover whether it's about ourselves or random things around us and I can pretty much say that I'm glad I discovered those things through the years. 
I made a list of 20 things I've come to know before getting to the -2- on the left side age & voila!

  1. I became a person who gets irritated way faster than ever before
  2. Despite fact no.1 I've learned how to be patient (like really really REALLY patient) I follow the three c's rule "Cool, calm & collected" 
  3. I'm way stronger than I ever thought I'm and that makes me extremely ecstatic 
  4. People are not that bad but they kinda are (figure it out yourselves) 
  5. Shoving the truth in the face is the way to get things done 'trust me on this one' 
  6. Telling you to "shove your useless piece of crap opinion anywhere you'd like" is the ultimate way to end an irritating conversation
  7. Me & microbuses, mini buses, buses in general, metro & taxis made a truce and promised to bear each-other for what's left of years during college 
  8. I read ridiculous amount of books (well, to me they're a lot at least) the past couple of years and it's a HUGE thing for me so yay Reem *high fiving self*
  9. Some places in Cairo are not that bad for an afternoon walk (ah wallahe begad) 
  10. Writing is how I untangle this tumbleweed of complicated thoughts inside my brain 
  11. Each year I'm growing a bigger crush on Ramos and I don't think i can handle it anymore (if you don't know Ramos then you don't know me) 
  12. I've a good amount of hidden talents that just need the opportunity to unleash 
  13. I need to try harder to get what I want 
  14. I'm never satisfied WHAT-SO-EVER by anything i do and i don't know what to do about it (if anyone got an answer feel free to leave it) 
  15. Whether I get fatter or lose weight i'm still the same size *high fiving self awy ba2a* 
  16. Without my iPod I'd have never survived the past 2 years
  17. Taking life too seriously can & will cause you brain damage 
  18. Living alone for quite a time is a whole other experience you should have
  19. Was an incredibly nerve-racking year for me that I'm thankful I got through safe & sound, one piece as I am
  20. I hope this will be the start of a better chapter in my life that's hopefully fresher and brighter 

Being 20 is nothing to brag about tbh, I certainly don't feel older, I certainly don't look older and most certainly don't act older; with time comes realization and i always thought of my brain older than my age but know that I'm actually THAT age i do feel teenagery inside + nothing happens when you're 20, it's B O R I N G!
 They all say 21 is the magical age so amen to that ;) ;) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lipstick Mania

You know what they say "Your lipstick's shape defines your personality" 

I can proudly (or not so proudly) say that I SERIOUSLY HAVE A MAJOR LIPSTICK ADDICTION! I can't seem to get enough of buying them, putting them on even if I'm not leaving my bedroom, sniffing them every-time i pass by my dresser or rolling them out to just admire their perfectly perfect shape, ughhh GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!

Whenever I see a lipstick anywhere it's like there's this Ora of light around it and I can almost swear it calls me name; it's like a super duper strong magnetic force. Although I might have the second, most chapped lips on the planet but to me lipstick is what completes a look along with other make-up bits & pieces; yes, mascara makes you look like you actually have eyes, blush gives your cheeks this healthy tint of color and trimming your eyebrows is essential but what's the use of all that if your lips are foundation pale!! YOU NEED TO GIVE YOUR FACE SOME COLOR OR ELSE YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE A MUMMY! -true story-

Here I'm going to give a little peek into my favorite lipsticks & a teeny weeny little review about'em, so LET'S GET STARTED 

Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks
The "Kate Moss" Revlon line has been in stores for ages now and boy-oh-boy her matte lipsticks are TO DIE FOR! They're very creamy (but not crease-y thou) which eases the application and they don't make your lips feel like a dry deserted land. The colors go from pretty pink in the afternoon into a wild velvet red club night which suits all occasions & all skin colors too.
-My personal favorite is no.109, a nice peachy orange color- 


Revlon Lip Butter 
Sticking with Revlon's lip products (seems like a HUGE fan of their lippy things), lip butters are my all time favorite lip product EVER. They're a -lipstick-lip balm-lip tint- kinda thing which is perfect tbh; it's super duper moisturizing, comes in different shades & colors and their texture doesn't crease AT ALL and leaves your lips soft as a baby's bum. 
-My personal favs. are Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, Wild Watermelon, Apple Candy, etc.. 

Maybelline Color Sensational
Okay, I might be the person who like two products of every brand but HEY! no judging, told you I'm an addict. 

Maybelline may not be the best in making lipsticks but I myself love them very much; they're long lasting, their colors are extremely vivid & fun, their texture isn't too hard or too creamy, it's just right.  
-My personal favorites are Pink Punch (175) & Ruby Star (535)- 

Maybelline Baby Lips 
I think i might die if i didn't buy every single baby lips that has ever been made! 
I love love love love them; they're sort of a tinted lip balm\ lip moisturizer, the colors are pretty & very natural, they come in different packages as you can see in the picture and it can be built up into a lipstick by layering it over and over and over. 
-My personal favs (or shall i say the only ones I found in the nearby stores) Pink Punch, Cherry Me and all the Electro Baby Lips ones- 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I don't think these are available in stores anymore but thank God I got lucky and bought it when it was still there. The colors are named after cities around the world which is pretty cool like you feel the city's essence when applying the color. So soft, so easy to apply, so pigmented, so matte you can almost feel like it's your lip's color. 
-My personal favorite is Sao Paulo-

H&M Lip Pen 
It's probably not the best lip product you'll use, it might dry your lips just a tad after putting it but no pain no gain my friend; beauty costs a lot you know that!
H&M newly released beauty line is actually not that bad; their lip pens are pretty,they roll up, they're glossy and easy applied but you need like super smooth nice lips so it doesn't break on your lips.  
-My personal favorite is Papaya Punch- 

MAC Chatter Box
Who thinks that MAC hasn't like the greatest lipsticks ever huh? NO ONE! 
MAC's lipsticks are creamy rich, tinted, pigmented, gorgeous and comes in bazillion trillion colors; Although they crease a little on my lips but maybe it's just me. 
-My personal favorite is Chatter Box A72-

Put lipstick on & be nice, be cute, be fierce, be bold, be wild, be classic, go crazy or go home ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Hairstyles *no heat*

Since it's summer *DUHH!* and people with hair like umm -US- I guess are the most to suffer from the unbearable heat, humidity and basically every other climate change in the universe so we tend to go for yet another extremely bad solution; BLOW DRYING! 

>So here I'm going to show you how to style your hair without using a blow dryer, an iron or even a brush
*for God sake just wash your hair, towel dry it and let me do my job!*


  Braids braids braids, it's what summer is all about; you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair,  put on whatever product you use and BAM!

Section your hair in whichever part you like, take a piece of hair from the front and braid it, while braiding keep adding another piece every time until you braid all your hair to the side 
and VOILA ;)  

(It's better if you have a slightly long wavy hair cuz you know what braids be like -.-)


  Updos & Summer fit each-other like chocolate chips & cookies!

Updos are probably the easiest thing you can do to your hair during summer and it gives your neck the privilege of being exposed to the sun :D
You can do this hairstyle basically with any hair length cuz bobby pins does all the job and in few minutes you'll be done

...Short Hair...

  Girls with short hair are THE LUCKIEST during summer cuz they genuinely don't exert any effort in styling their hair nor they really use THAT much product *unless they have really really really bad hair then I'm so sorry* 

- P U R R F K T -

And if you have a pixie cut or even a long side & a shaved side you won't probably even need to brush it ;)

...Long Hair...

  I feel you girl; I feel you. Your hair stick at the back of your neck from the sweat, brushing your hair burns calories as much as exercising at the gym and you most likely to sit on it after styling it BUT not anymore

Braids & Ponytails are the best combo; simple yet effective 

When everything goes wrong you know that buns are always there for you. They go day or night, hot or cold, humid or dry, messy or neat,top knot or bow style; anything will do

...Curl Pearl...

Curls & summer are in a love\hate relationship and it kills to deal with them during the season; they just either go perfect, nicely twirled and all or wild, untamed, frizzy like a bird's nest *Lorde kinda style*! 

well that's pretty! only if you can tolerate it in the heat. 


Curly heads look the best in ponytails ;)

 You're basically gonna let loose of your curls naturally cuz well, that's the only solution :D 
Rock'em curls guurrl *whips hair back & forth like willow does*

Either way, whatever hair type you got, short or long, curly, straight or wavy ditch the blow-dryer & iron and let loose of your natural, born this way hair ;)
Happy Summer xx

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Way

It's not creepy if I sit next to you and stare at every act you do....

The way your eyes roam the place..
The way you lightly wet your lips..
The way your muscles flex..
The way you shift in your chair uncomfortably..
The way you blink rapidly..
The way your curled lashes touch your eyebrows..
They way you swirl the ring on your finger..
The way you gasp for air..
The way your jaw clenches.. 
The way you tug your hands in your hair furiously..
The way your sweater's sleeves are rolled up neatly..
The way your hazel-green orbs shines in dim light..
They way your pants fits you perfectly..
The way your fingers tap along with the music..
The way you smirk when your favorite part of the song plays..
The way you don't just look at things, you stare; fondly.. 
The way you yawn..
The way you sleep so quickly..
The way you hug the pillow like a little kid..
The way you spray your perfume..
The way you never wear matching socks..
The way you tie your shoes like a pro..
The way your nose crunches when you taste something for the 1st time..
The way your "Hello" on phone changes from one to another..

Just the way, your way; YOU!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Random Rhyming Words

This might hurt you but I’m not sorry

  This overload I don’t want to carry

It might sound rude but I don’t care

  Whatever you judge me, it’s just not fair

We were once friends, close friends

  And when it went wrong, we thought this is where the world      ends

We shared everything, laughs, cries, problems and joy

  But you made me feel like a toy

You let loose & let yourself be

  But never let me be the real me

I needed break, I needed you to understand

  And all I got from you was BLANK

For the first time I felt like myself

  You thought I’ve put you on the bottom shelf

For the first time I was doing the right thing

  I didn’t think I was messing

I had it all figured out

  Although it all made you feel left out

I didn’t need to talk to you

  I didn’t need you

I didn’t miss you

  I didn’t remember all what we’ve had and cry

I didn’t want to say goodbye

  I didn’t want you to try

But all I wanted from you is to be away

  To not stay

And not say

  A letter, a word, a sentence

I needed my distance

  To figure out my existence

To search for my long lost soul

  That’s been missing in this deep dark hole

I didn’t need you

  I didn’t miss you

I didn’t feel like there’s something missing

  I didn’t feel like I’m messing

I didn’t feel like talking to you

  I didn’t feel like missing you

Now I’ll stop pretending like I do

  It’s not me. It’s not you

It’s just what I think I should do

  And I feel so good, I feel so great, I really do

Like marshmallow and fondue

  Or coffee and tiramisu 

I didn’t need you

  I didn’t miss you

I didn’t want to talk to you

  I still do 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random Rhyming Words

I fall in-love with things not people

  People change, things are stable

I can own things, I can’t own people

  Things are strong, people are feeble

People are shallow, things are deep

  Things are precious, people are cheap

Things don’t judge, people do

  People hate, things stick by you

Things stay awake, people sleep

  But when things connect with people

You can only cry yourself to sleep 

Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Most Underrated Artists (Part 1)

-The 10 Most Series- 
10 Most Underrated artists 
(part 1)
-well said jimi babe. well said-

   There's is no one on this planet that doesn't love music!! like, you physically can't hate music!and if you don't, you're going to be forced to like whether you like it or not so YEAH. You listen to it on daily basis maybe not intentionally but you do; on the radio, on your mobile, your ringtone *if you're still one of those cool people whose their ringtone their favorite song*,your iPod, your TV, your laptop, people serenading in the hallways just EVERYWHERE. 

-Lets just take a moment and thank this dude who discovered\invented music for saving us all from misery- 

From the beginning of the music industry there have been a lot of kick-ass people like Beethoven, Bach, Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Robbie Williams, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and so many other kick-ass-ers but the list goes longer than it should but there's come a time where lots of artists demolished or some how became unappreciated or as we call it nowadays in our so hipster language "Sooo Underrated OMFG asdfghjkl and every other abbreviation". Different artists in different genres have had a very successful career *and still do* but somehow people have forgotten about them and turned to the more popular music and their fan base is slightly on the down hill, but not anymore TODAY I'm bringing sexy back *and if you didn't get this reference please talk to the hand* 

Here are my -10 Most Underrated Artists-

Craig David 

<<<<< This Hunk 

 Boy oh boy, how could this human being be so much underrated! it's brutal. Have you forgot this masterpiece of his you little greedy wild animals!!!! HUH!

So goddamn nostalgic  

The Script 

<<<<< This other Hunk 
-well, it's a band but Danny FTW-

The band that made these songs that broke millions & millions of teenager's hearts post-breakup with their boy\girlfriends 



-ughh, brings tears to my eyes-

The Fray

<< Le depressing people >>         
The one who made us all spend sleepless nights looking for 1st and Amistad AND we did find it!! *YES WE CAN* *Praise the lord*

and this brilliant cover of Kanye West's "Heartless"  
ughhh, so good!! 



<<<<<< This cutie pie 

Oh wow, so deep >>>>

<<< Is it getting hawut in here or wha?! *fans self aggressively*

Boyce Avenue 

God bless the genes going through this family >>>> 

Favorite cover
*sorry JT but i think i like this one more* 

                                           To be continued.....

Sunday, April 20, 2014



       Annnnd of course as i told in the two very enthusiastic, energetic, nostalgic lines above it's EASTER TIME wohoooo *moon walks*. Easter is such a happy happy celebration where you get to eat lots and lots of chocolate shaped as a bunny *animal cruelty at its best* till your blood pressure comes rushing out of your ears and wear extreme super duper colorful clothes and springy makeup and just feel free. This time around is like an official announcement of the spring\summer season *depends on where you live* and you officially start to wear colors, neon, bright nail polish, beachy wavy hair, sandals and short dresses without feeling weird or effing freezing cold. 

Here are some bits & pieces you can put together that will give you the puuurfect easter\spring look ;) 

i feel like quoting lots of songs lyrics today, pardon! ^_^

Happy Easter
Day Look 
Shorts! short shorts! super duper shorties are the IT factor of the outfit *not the ones that's sticking your butt cheeks out sure ;)*  floral, colorful, thin, comfy ones preferable.
Tank tops, crop tops, flowy, shoulder exposure shirts matches perfectly with these shorts; plain color is fine bec otherwise it'll be TOO MUCH going on. -SET-
Tiffany blue gladiator sandals & navy blue aztec printed cross bag, flower crown and round floral shaped sunzzies are a MUST in completing this look with some stacked rings and a triple wrap leather bracelet OH WHY YOU LOOK SO GOOD! -READY-
Makeup wise, your makeup should be the simplest thing you can EVER create. BB cream, clear mascara, natural blush, nude eye shadow & lip gloss and BOOM! -GO- 
*Roll car's windows down, scream & shout & let it all out* 
ok i'll stop now -.-

Night Look

Easter night should be a little different from the day, still colorful, still spring-ish, still comfy and loose but with a bold, fierce twist. Start with a plain loose plain short dress and spice it up with a smudge\a lot of accessory *whatever you wish* but you gotta keep the bright neon colorful theme goin ay ;) 
Instead of making the outfit too party-ish and too elegant for the outing i added a little floral vans sneaker and a pale yellow handbag to complete the night yet spring\easter style. 
Makeup is a little bit defined here, some bronzer, thicker foundation, pop lips, defined lashes and winged eyeliner; all set ;) 

Have a splendid, eggy, refreshing Easter peeps 

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Coachella Babyyy!

It's Coachella babaaayyy!! As you all may know Coachella Festival is held from mid April till the end of the month and HOLY MOTHER OF UNICORNS & RAINBOWS it's the BEST music festival held in the US EVER! You get to listen to epic musicians, indulge in the liberating theme around and the most important thing is........the FASHION TREND. 

Coachella is all about being the messy boho hipster you've always wanted to be and NO ONE will ever judge you cuz YOLO you're all in the same boat; it's like a huge fashion show or a competition of who's the boho'st most hipster person around, and you definitely know who is. The queen of boho, the hipster-ism zen master, the flower crown lover, the one that almost looks effing gorgeous if she wore a freaking lace top & shredded denim shorts, the Coachella icon "Vanessa Stella Hudgens". 
Untitled #382

She is by far the MOST AMAZING boho icon; her style is so simple yet so fashionable, from hair to make up to clothes to nail polish to shoes basically everything about her fashion sense is incredible. As seen throughout the past and present Coachellas, she has set the bar high for the other girls and -boy-oh-boy it is hard to compete with Queen Ness. 

Her style is so easy to imitate or to be inspired from, you can easily find those things in stores and the makeup is the simplest to apply

   Here is the "Get the Ness look" 

Outfit #1

The maxi skirt is one of the main classic elements of the boho look and flowy, thin skirts are the perfect ones *that's a bonus if you don't like showing your legs ay -wink wink- ;)*  

Crop tops are the nowadays and with the skirt GURL! you're gonna rock that place. 

Sandals sandals sandals; the thing that completes the look & gives your toes the needed freedom after some kick-ass winter and lastly to show'em one hell'a nail-polished toes ;) 

Big Sunzzies to avoid the extreme damage the heat & sunlight could do to your eyes, a hat or a fedora to protect your hair also from the weather and it gives you the spring-summer complete boho look. 

Bright neon or bold nail polish to add some cheerful color to your outfit, fruit scented perfume\body mist for refreshment, and a sandy mono-tone eye & face makeup with a little twist of Iam-gonna-rock-this-shizzle lipstick and literally you're good to party. 

Outfit #2
High-waisted shorts with tribal\aztec print & thin comfy material are perfect for the festival. 

Again the crop top is on top of the trend & spicing it with some bold colorful chains, stacked silver vintage rings and bulky bracelets will make the outfit more vivid. 

Flat simple monochrome sandals & a fun small purse and you're good to go ; again the no-makeup-makeup-look is the father of all makeup looks, bright lips, bright nails  and natural cheeks *queue music* *raises hands in the air* GET LOOSE! 

This is as simple as it gets & you can easily be the other version of Vanessa H. if you followed those steps. 
Happy Coachella everyone, dance, laugh, enjoy and live your life